How to Create a Giveaway

Create a giveaway in 4 main steps on the mode, add info, tasks and eligibility and another setting.

Giveaway are designed to generate traffic to your project and acquire new users, so your project profile is essential and significant. Before creating a giveaway, you might wanna know about Project Profile.

Your project profile includes information about your project, such as social media links, partnerships with other projects, giveaways you've hosted, and comments from participants.

Create a giveaway in 4 main steps:

  1. Choose the Giveaway mode you want: different Giveaway modes fit different needs; Lucky Giveaway, Referral Giveaway, Competition Giveaway, Achievement Giveaway.

  2. Add basic info and describe your giveaway: project/brand, banners, videos, giveaway draw method.

  3. Set up tasks: participant's login method, off-chain tasks (20+social media supported) and on-chain tasks (verify on-chain asset/behavior)

  4. Set up reward and number of winners: multiple templates provided and customized the reward distribution.

Sign in/ up Giveaway and tap the Create button:

1st Step: Choose the Giveaway mode you want

  • Lucky Giveaway: Various task mode combinations, multiple reward types and draw methods

  • Referral Giveaway: Focus on social sharing and fission giveaways, which can help you quickly expand the spread and influence of your project on social platforms.

  • Competition Giveaway: Engage competition on sharing by ranking rewards. It's much easier to get social influence with less cost.

  • Achievement Giveaway: People earn additional final reward by joining your different giveaways. Encourage users to complete your multiple giveaways, suitable for a long-term staged campaign.

2nd Step: Add basic info and describe your giveaway

  • Select host project(required): Select a project to host the giveaway. Accordingly, your selected project will be the giveaway sponsor.

  • Co-host giveaway(optional): Select partner project to co-host the giveaway and your project info will be displayed at the giveaway page.

  • Describe the giveaway(optional): Give a your giveaway a title and description.

  • Add banner and video(optional): Your campaign will be better described by the banner and video.

Here are the 3 draw methods we support: Timed Draw, Goal-Triggered Draw, Instant Draw

  • Time Draw: The winners will be drawn automatically at the end time set by the giveaway creator.

  • Goal-Triggered Draw: Winners will be drawn immediately once the goal is achieved or the default end time set by the giveaway creator is met.

  • Instant Draw: If your goal is not achieved at the end time, the prize will automatically be drawn for you. - However, if you select Cancel the giveaway when your goal is not achieved, then your giveaway will be canceled at the end time and your auto-distributed token reward (sent from Giveaway account) will be returned.

3rd Step: Tasks Setting

Add Tasks or Eligibility:

Social Media Task: Cover various social platfrom tasks and verification, like Telegram, Twitter/X, Discord, Facebook, etc.

Custom User Task: Except for platform dimension, provides custom tasks, like Ask questions, Quiz, App install, etc.

Collect User Information: You can collect the information you want from the participants, like Email address, Birthday day, Proof of work, etc.

User Eligibility Requirement: To verify participants' eligibility who can't complete the giveaway if the participant doesn't meet the standard, like Age limitation, Region, limitation or third platform quality, etc.

All types of task previews:

4th Step: Choose the reward type, set up number of winners and add rewards as many as you want

All of the reward templates

๐Ÿ”ถToken Reward

  • Token reward name cannot be changed.

  • Select a token from your Cwallet account and fill in the total amount of the reward. The total amount can be chosen to be distributed randomly or averagely.

  • Fill in the number of winners, you can choose to send out the token reward automatically or manually. The automatic reward will be issued automatically by Cwallet for you after the draw.

Note: SATS cannot be chosen as a reward for Token Reward.

  • After you fill in all the required information, please pay the token prize via Cwallet.

Reward delivery: It is possible to choose whether you would like the payment to be sent automatically by Cwallet or manually by you.

๐Ÿ”ถCustom Token

Use a token not supported by Cwallet as the reward.

  • You will need to upload the icon of the token, select the network of the token, and fill in the corresponding contract address. Click Confirm to complete.

  • When you have filled out the token information, give a name of the reward, then determine the number of winners and select average or random distribution of the token reward.

๐Ÿ”ถ NFT Reward

Please complete the NFT info as giveaway reward. The NFT rewards will auto distribute to winner.

๐Ÿ”ถ Free Mint NFT

Winners can mint the NFT on the website you set, please fill in all of the information required to launch your giveaway.

๐Ÿ”ถ Delpoy OAT Reward

Connect your wallet to deploy OAT as reward.

๐Ÿ”ถ Delpoy NFT Reward

Connect your wallet to deploy NFT as reward.

๐Ÿ”ถ WhiteList Reward

Give the reward a name, upload a reward image and specify the number of winners.

Reward delivery: You need to send WL rewards by yourself.

๐Ÿ”ถ Pass Reward

Give the reward a name, upload a reward image and specify the number of winners.

Reward delivery: You need to send the pass rewards by yourself.

๐Ÿ”ถ Subscription Reward

Give the reward a name, upload a reward image and specify the number of winners.

Reward delivery: You need to send the subscription rewards by yourself.

๐Ÿ”ถ Other Prize

Give the reward a name, upload a reward image and specify the number of winners.

Reward delivery: you need to send the rewards by yourself.

The other prize has 3 distribution methods, please set the most useful one according to your needs.

๐Ÿ”ถ Electronics

Give the reward a name, upload a reward image and specify the number of winners.

Reward delivery: you need to send the rewards by yourself.

๐Ÿ”ถ Custom Reward

Every reward is possible! It is possible to set up the reward of any type and claim it from any website!

  • Provide the reward information including the name of the reward, the number of winners, and the URL for the website where users can claim the reward.

  • Complete the setup by using callback verification. See instruction below:

    You will need to add a description of the voucher, a website so users know where to redeem it, and a list of redemption codes

๐Ÿ”ถ Gift Cards/ Keys/ Codes

  • Enter a description of this reward: reward name, reward image, and reward description

  • Upload the code list. The code will be distributed to winners and it will appear on the winner's giveaway page.

Note: Provide a website to direct users to where the code can be redeemed.

Make your giveaway public or private

Choose Public: Giveaways listed publicly be displayed on your project profile viewable for everyone, followers will be able to turn on notifications and receive notifications for new giveaway, and they will be able to view your giveaway through the giveaway link.

Choose Private: Giveaways listed privately wonโ€™t be displayed on your project profile and your followers on Giveaway will not get notifications about the private giveaways. Private giveaways are only accessible via the giveaway link.

Note: The creator's contact information will be displayed on the winners page, and winners can click the bottom button Haven't received prize? to provide feedback to Giveaway.

โœ… After that, now click Create to create your giveaway. Great! You are all set! Earn leads and Have fun!

Once created, you will be able to embed this giveaway on your website as a developer using the code provided.



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