What is Contest Marketing? How Can You Use it to Boost Your Brand Value?

Contest marketing is emerging as a valuable technique for increasing brand value. It's not only about giving away prizes; it's about connecting with your audience, creating memories, and constructing a stronger brand identity.

What is Contest Marketing? How Can You Use it to Boost Your Brand Value?

Companies continuously look for new ways to expand their brand's reach and engage with their target audience. A remarkable 70% of businesses believe contests and giveaways are critical to achieving these objectives. Brands engage their audience through contest marketing and create memorable experiences that can promote loyalty and increase brand value.

How Can Contests Help Increase Your Brand's Value?

Enhances Visibility and Recognition

Getting your brand seen in a pool of competitors can be difficult. Hosting a contest, especially on popular channels like social media, can greatly increase your brand's visibility. When people participate in the contest, they often share, tag, and engage with it, resulting in an organic rise in brand mentions and visibility. Each share or conversation is a personal recommendation, increasing the likelihood that their network will trust and recognize your brand.

Fosters Community Engagement and Loyalty

Contests allow businesses to interact directly with their target audience. By creating a two-way engagement, you broadcast your message and invite your community to participate. This active participation improves the user experience and can lead to greater brand loyalty. Customers are more likely to build a deeper connection with a business when they feel appreciated and involved, leading to longer-lasting connections.

Generates Valuable User-Generated Content (UGC)

One of the most significant benefits of contests is the possibility of user-generated content. You obtain a treasure trove of authentic content that can be repurposed in future marketing efforts by encouraging people to create and share images, videos, testimonials, or stories linked to your brand. Because user-generated content is typically regarded as more real and relevant than brand-created content, it is a great tool for increasing credibility and trustworthiness.

Provides Insights into Customer Preferences

Contests can be an amazing source of helpful data and insights. Brands can better understand their target audience's preferences and behaviors by tracking which contests receive the most attention or which prizes are sought the most.

Drives Traffic and Increases Conversion Rates

At their most basic, contests may be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website or physical store. Brands may attract current and potential consumers by offering an intriguing reward or an engaging contest mechanic. Furthermore, when participants become more engrossed in the brand during the contest period, the enthusiasm generated by the contest might contribute to increased sales or sign-ups.

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How to Build a Winning Contest Marketing Strategy

Define Your Goals and Objectives

What do you want to gain from this contest? Do you want to raise brand awareness, develop user-generated content, or increase website traffic? Understanding your primary goal allows you to create a contest that fits your giveaway marketing strategy well.

Determine the Rules and Regulations

A clear and explicit set of rules and regulations is required for a successful contest. These guidelines guarantee that contestants understand the contest's parameters, making the process transparent and legitimate. Consider the eligibility criteria, the start and end dates, the process for selecting winners, and any other circumstances specific to your contest, incorporating raffle item ideas that align with your marketing goals.

Choose a Prize that is Appealing to Your Audience

The reward is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your contest because it draws participants in the first place. Choose a prize with a strong emotional connection with your target audience to achieve optimal engagement. It should be something they appreciate and want.integrating the concept of incentives for sharing to enhance the giveaway marketing strategy

Use Multiple Channels for Maximum Reach

While running your marketing campaign on a primary platform, don't overlook the power of cross-promotion. Using various channels can greatly increase the reach of your contest. For example, if your contest is on Instagram, promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and your email newsletter. The broader your promotional strategy, the greater your chances of attracting a diverse and larger collection of participants.

Create Shareable Content

Creating content that participants and viewers want to share is one of the most effective strategies to ensure your contest reaches a large audience. This includes creating attractive graphics, catchy headlines, and engaging stories. Shareable content increases the organic reach of your contest and improves the credibility of your brand's message. contributing significantly to the success of your run marketing campaign.

Offer Incentives for Sharing

Give participants more entries or a higher chance of winning if they share the contest with their friends or on social media. "Tag three friends for an extra entry!" or "Share this post on your story and use our contest hashtag to double your chances!" Incentives for sharing will convert your contestants into active promoters, increasing the reach of your contest and enhancing the effectiveness of your giveaway marketing strategy.

Choose the Right Platform

The platform you choose for your contest is critical to its success. Different platforms cater to different demographics and have different patterns of user involvement. Instagram, for example, might be great for a visually based contest for a younger demographic, but LinkedIn might be more suited for a B2B contest.

Also, adopting an automation platform like Giveaway.com can make the process much smoother regarding contest organization. With giveaway.com, you can verify that submissions are appropriately managed, winners are picked fairly, and contest management is simple.

Measure Your Performance

Like any marketing campaign, the true value of your contest can be established by comparing its success to your initial goals and objectives. Track metrics such as engagement rates, total shares, new followers or subscribers gained, and website traffic generated by the contest using analytics tools.

A Template on Using Giveaway.com for Your Contest

To help you get started, here's a template of an existing contest campaign on Giveaway.com created with Lucky Giveaway mode to increase their brand value.

The contest campaign is sponsored by “amr249913_o66bj” and the aim is to increase the brand value using a “Visit and Earn” campaign, showcasing a practical application of the discussed marketing strategies.

You can check the details of the giveaway here.

This is a simple contest example that requires users to visit the website of the brand and get familiar with their services.

The campaign is an instant draw contest that automatically distributes the prize from the reward pool of 8,000 PEPE to participants who complete the task below.

After completing the two tasks listed above, participants will be instantly rewarded once the provably fair algorithm has validated the fairness of their participation.

Are you ready to increase your brand value through contest marketing?

Remember, set up tasks for participants that specify how they enter and win the giveaway, just as shown in the above example. To increase your brand value, you must increase its awareness and customer engagement. To achieve this, you can set up tasks like:

  • Liking, commenting, and sharing your social media page
  • Signing up on your website and completing an action
  • Subscribing to your newsletter for periodic updates.

Sample Caption Example for Your Product Promotion Giveaway

Here is a sample task caption that can be used. You can either modify it to your preference or choose from the following two samples:

  1. Win [Your Prize]! Doing This Simple Task. To claim your prize:
  • Click this link [Giveaway Link] to join the giveaway campaign
  • Visit [Your Brand Name] website and sign up.
  • Tag 2 friends on the giveaway post using the hashtag [Your Brand Name]

2. Engage ‘n’ Win! Want to win [Your Prize] from [Your Brand Name]? Complete this simple task!

  • Follow [Your Brand Page] on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on the giveaway post [Giveaway Link]
  • Use the hashtag [Your Brand Name] to retweet the post on your page.

Note: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate URL to complete the caption/ description.

Are you ready to increase your brand value through contest marketing? Click here to begin today!


Contest marketing is emerging as a valuable technique for increasing brand value. It's not only about giving away prizes; it's about connecting with your audience, creating memories, and constructing a stronger brand identity. So, the next time you want to revitalize your brand, remember that a well-planned contest could be your golden ticket.