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Giveaway.com is a campaign marketing platform. giveaway tool, giveaway of the dayGiveaway.com is a campaign marketing platform. giveaway tool, giveaway of the day
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Earn Free Money through Enticing Giveaways and Irresistible Offers!
Pick an offer/a giveaway, complete tasks, and claim your money! Earn cash for free, no strings attached, it's easy and enjoyable!
Exciting giveaways and contests, Win diverse rewards!
Straightforward pricing, complete tasks for guaranteed cash, redeem instantly with zero fees!
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Craft a customized giveaway with diverse types and versatile approaches.
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40+ Creative Approaches and Modes
40+ Creative Approaches and Modes
Choose from classic and interesting modes to best engage users and drive participation:
Lucky Wheel
Mystery Box
Establish Trust through Verifiable Randomness
Provably Fair
Establish Trust through Verifiable Randomness
We stand as the exclusive giveaway tool with verifiable fairness. Generate random and unpredictable results using a secure Blockchain algorithm. Doubtful? Easily verify it with no coding skills required!
Automatic Task Verification and Reward Distribution
Simple Workflow
Automatic Task Verification and Reward Distribution
Uncertain about quest completion? We verify it automatically! Additionally, you can effortlessly get user information for efficient reward distribution, saving time and streamlining the process.
Data Analysis - Brand Perspective
Data Analysis - Brand Perspective
Enhance your marketing models and concepts through insightful giveaway data analysis. Collect information on potential users to effectively cultivate new user growth.
Everyone can gain Marketing Success with us – You Too!
How to Create a Giveaway
Create a giveaway in 4 main steps on Giveaway.com. Choose the mode, add info, tasks and eligibility and another setting.
Setup Project Profile Before Create
Giveaway are designed to generate traffic to your project and acquire new users, so your project profile is essential and significant. Before creating a giveaway, you might wanna know about Project Profile.Your project profile includes information about your project, such as social media links, partnerships with other projects, giveaways you've hosted, and comments from participants.
Create a giveaway in 4 main steps:
  1. Choose the Giveaway mode you want: different Giveaway modes fit different needs: Lucky Giveaway, Referral Giveaway, Competition Giveaway, Achievement Giveaway.
  2. Add basic info and describe your giveaway: project/brand, banners, videos, giveaway draw method.
  3. Set up tasks: participant's login method, off-chain tasks (20+social media supported) and on-chain tasks (verify on-chain asset/behavior)
  4. Set up reward and number of winners: multiple templates provided and customized the reward distribution.