Top Tips For Boosting Interaction From Your Medium Audience

For many brands with an online presence, it’s no secret that Medium provides vast reach and aids in fostering engagement from a quality audience. In this article, we'll discuss top tips for boosting interaction from your existing medium audience as well as potential new ones.

Top Tips For Boosting Interaction From Your Medium Audience

Blog posts provide a unique way to grow your audience and followers and promote your services, as they provide a means to share knowledge, and if the content is valuable enough, it appears in Google’s search results, reaching a vast number of people.

Medium is a popular blogging platform where you can document your thoughts, share ideas, and get into interactive conversations with your audience, who may react to your posts and comment on them. For many brands with an online presence, it’s no secret that Medium provides vast reach and aids in fostering engagement from a quality audience. Hence, it is a good tool for brands to engage with audiences and also connect with new ones who may stumble upon their Medium pages via Google search results.

While the most important tip to curating engaging blog content is to deliver quality content that is valuable to people, there are a few more strategies you can employ to ensure optimal interaction and engagement from your audience, make your voice heard, and stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we'll discuss top tips for boosting interaction from your existing medium audience as well as potential new ones. Let's get started!

Understanding The Strategy Behind Brand Awareness and Engagement

One way to understand brand engagement is to examine it from the audience perspective. Have you ever wondered how some brands effortlessly capture your attention with their blog posts, and you just find yourself interacting and engaging with their posts while, on the other hand, it seems like others are speaking but not audible enough? With several brands competing for audience attention today, it’s quite easy for many brands to get lost in the noise.

For starters, your medium page should have a healthy follower count, of which about 2 - 5% should engage your posts regularly. So, if you have 1,000 followers, you should be able to boast of 20 to 50% regularly engaging your posts. Although this number may decrease when you have a higher follower count, nonetheless, you are communicating with more people.

In today's highly competitive market, increasing brand awareness is key to standing out from the crowd and attracting customers. If your brand isn't reaching its full potential, it's time to explore effective strategies that can boost your brand's recognition and visibility. The more followers you have, the broader your potential audience. A higher follower count not only provides validation but also offers an opportunity to spread your brand message far and wide. It's not merely a number; it's a key indicator of your brand's presence and impact on Medium.

3 Tips For Boosting Interactions From Your Medium Blog Posts

Understand Your Target Audience and Write For Them

The foundation of a successful blog lies in a deep understanding of your target audience.

Billions of people consume content online, and the truth is, no matter how interesting your blog content is, you can only cater to a small section of internet users. So, before crafting your content, it is important to identify your ideal audience.

Examine similar blogs within your niche, and then take the time to analyze the preferences and behaviors of your potential readers. Then, with this knowledge, you can tailor your writing style, tone, and topics to resonate with their interests and needs.

By consistently delivering content that speaks directly to your readers, you not only build a loyal following but also increase the likelihood of meaningful interactions.

Create a Brand Identity - Be Known For Something

One important factor in establishing a strong brand identity is to be unique in the rather crowded online space.

It is important to have something that sets your blog apart and craft a unique identity that reflects your style. It could be a distinctive writing style, a unique or controversial perspective on a niche topic, or a particular area of expertise. All of these help to build a clear and memorable brand identity, which in turn contributes to building a community around your blog.

Also, consistency is key! Maintain a cohesive visual style, tone, and messaging across your blog and social media platforms. When readers can easily recognize and connect with your brand, they are more likely to engage with your content.

Incentivize Your Followers With Giveaways, Contests, and Rewards

One fool-proof way to boost your Medium blog post engagements and interactions is by offering rewards and giveaways.

Human nature is inclined towards incentives, and by offering giveaways, hosting contests, or providing rewards for followers who engage in your content, you can add an element of appreciation to your audience.

Anything at all works, whether merchandise from your brand, gift cards, vouchers, or anything else that is of value to your audience.

As long as it is deemed to be of substantial value, these rewards can motivate readers to actively participate in discussions, share your content, and become advocates for your blog. Additionally, consider acknowledging and featuring your most engaged followers to further foster a sense of community and recognition.

Hosting Giveaway Contests For Your Medium Blog With is a marketing platform that allows you to host your giveaways easily and seamlessly by assisting you in setting guidelines and running a successful contest to grow your Medium blog.

Typically, manually hosting a giveaway for promotional purposes is quite hectic, as there are several elements to track; however, with dedicated online giveaway platforms like, you can automate the process and make the experience much easier.’s unique appeal is the confidence it gives brands and their beneficiaries throughout the entire process due to its fairness and transparency. First, the system verifies entries per task, so contestants can be sure that they have correctly fulfilled the requirements to qualify for winner selection after the sponsor has specified the exact criteria for winning.

As the creator of the contest, you would not have the power to influence the outcome, and neither would because the utility of the blockchain means everything is fair, transparent, and verifiable.

You can leverage the user-friendly features of to streamline the setup of your campaign. So, easily, you can define entry requirements, such as following you and engaging with your blog posts on Medium.

You can also customize other parameters like entry duration, winner selection criteria, and the frequency of giveaways. The flexibility of allows you to fine-tune your campaign for optimal engagement and community satisfaction.

Below is a sample Medium giveaway to help you better understand how works.

The brand below intends to boost their Medium engagement by urging readers to follow, leave a clap, and comment to qualify for a prize.

All participants have to do is,

  • Follow the Medium blog
  • Interact with a clap and comment, and
  • Share the giveaway with friends

This giveaway is a simple lucky giveaway where users only have to complete the tasks to qualify for the final draw, where the winners will be chosen at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway is timed, so winners will be automatically chosen when the timer runs out, and prizes will be automatically distributed to the winners.

You can also try other giveaway approaches, as allows you to create referral giveaways, milestone giveaways, or competition giveaways where participants have to try their best to finish at the top of the leaderboard to win the ultimate prize.

You can also follow similar steps to create a giveaway to boost your Medium blog post engagement and get more interactive followers!

End Note

By following the tips shared in this article, you can establish your brand as a key authority that several thousand people will look forward to reading its blog posts.

Also, with, you can incentivize your readers by creating exciting contests that spur your audience to engage with your blog posts even better. With, you can ensure that your contests are well-organized, engaging, and automated to facilitate ease for your audience.

So, follow the tips shared in this article, and most importantly, sign up on to incentivize and reward your audience easily!