Top 2 Contest Ideas for Your Twitter Community in 2024

This article will provide you with contemporary ideas for your Twitter community and how you can use these contests to achieve your business goals in 2024, regardless of whether you have a company or are a blogger, vlogger, or digital creator of any size.

Top 2 Contest Ideas for Your Twitter Community in 2024

Engaging online communities on social media is a dynamic and effective marketing approach. With billions of users present on several social media platforms, brands can connect with their target audience, interact and engage with them, and even beyond that, create contests to give out freebies that generate a buzz about the brand, one that will remain in their minds for a long time, far beyond the period of the giveaway, if done right.

Amongst the plethora of social media platforms, Twitter stands out as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, promote their brand, and drive engagement with contests that typically help to supercharge your online engagement while involving your loyal followers and promoting your business to a wider audience.

This article will provide you with contemporary ideas for your Twitter community and how you can use these contests to achieve your business goals in 2024, regardless of whether you have a company or are a blogger, vlogger, or digital creator of any size.

Why Should You Create A Twitter Contest For Your Brand?

Twitter is a platform designed for real-time interactions, and with hundreds of millions of active users, brands can connect with their target audience with giveaway contests and freebies. With its real-time nature, Twitter allows brands to engage in conversations, share relevant content, and build a loyal following.

However, one thing more important than building an audience is retaining their interest in your brand, as humans generally love to be valued by brands they are affiliated with; hence, regular communication and occasional prizes help to create a sense of belonging.

Online contests with associated prizes provide a win-win scenario where you, as a business owner, get increased visibility and an expanded audience base. Your followers, on the other hand, get rewarded for promoting your brand with their actions on social media. So, what two actions can drive engagement and lead to stronger impressions on your web and social media pages?

Hash Tag Challenge

The hashtag challenge is one that can easily get you to the trend table on Twitter. It is very easy to work out and includes no stress for your followers. For example, if you run a fitness brand, you could ask your followers to share pictures of their dream body by the end of the year, posted with the hashtag #BodyGoals2024, clearly announcing that there will be $500 worth of prizes to give away.

So, for users to win, they must create their own post with the aforementioned hashtag and tag five friends in the post.

I bet you’re already worried about filtering the entries to check out who indeed tagged five people, an anti-bot tool to ensure that people aren’t cheating, or even a social media giveaway picker tool that eases the process.

Indeed, it sounds like a lot! However, you don’t have to worry about all of these if you host your online contest with helps you verify entries, allows you to set specific parameters, and helps you to create a provably fair draw; hence, all users have an equal chance - no cheating! You cannot manipulate the outcome; neither can Everything is fair, transparent, and provable via the blockchain.

As seen above, when creating the checklist criteria with, you can set content to look out for (the hashtag), the number of followers to tag (5), and filter out participants by account age and follower count (shown below)

For example, a filter that requires a minimum of 365 days and 100 followers would reduce the possibility of spam accounts (created solely for spamming online contests) messing with the credibility of your giveaway.

All of these parameters can be set within split seconds, and once set, will simply require your audience to connect their Twitter accounts and automatically verify the tasks without any further input from you.

Isn’t that magnificent?

On the one hand, the hashtag contest increases your brand visibility and awareness as more people engage with your hashtag; it also encourages user-generated content and builds a sense of community around your brand. On the other hand, people get rewards, and they are happy!

Referral Contests

Word-of-mouth marketing is commonly said to be the oldest and best form of marketing. However, in digital times, referral contests are one of the easiest ways to stimulate word-of-mouth marketing.

It is basically a way of rewarding users who refer their friends and family to your brand or product. 71% of people are more likely to make purchase decisions based on referrals, so it’s huge and shouldn’t be ignored.

Again, creating a referral contest on Twitter isn’t as difficult as you think. If there is a worthy prize to motivate your current audience, they will refer you to their family and friends across all social media with a simple link.

With, you can create several kinds of contests with the referral function that mandates all users to “share” in order to stand a chance at winning. As a result, once shared, their referrals would have to follow your Twitter account, get acquainted, and engage, and if they were also interested in the giveaway, they would have to share it with their contacts, so it becomes an endless loop of referrals.

The best part is that the process isn’t haphazard with; all participants are presented with a unique tracking ID, and there is a leaderboard to show the top referrers and the number of referrals they have. Hence, the entire process is transparent and clear.


As an individual or corporate brand looking to reach thousands of audiences for your social media contests and giveaways, you cannot afford to spend hours manually organizing giveaways, selecting winners, conducting a draw for prizes, and so on when there is a piece of tech that can do all of that for you FOR FREE!

Yes! is absolutely free and very easy to use. Within 2-3 minutes, you can set up your giveaway parameters and proceed with business as usual, or sit back and relax while it all plays out!

Some of our unique features include:

  • An intuitive and friendly user interface for both giveaway creators and participants; even if you have never used an online giveaway tool before, you’ll understand without even trying.
  • Using the provably fair algorithm, backed with blockchain technology, ensures that each giveaway draw is fair and transparent; hence, you can maintain your trust with your audience with a guarantee that the giveaways are not fake.
  • With, you can easily estimate your marketing ROI since you can easily track metrics such as engagement, impressions, traffic, and conversions. With optimal data like these, you can easily see the output of your giveaway marketing ideas.
  • also offers loyalty-building rewards with unique G-coins that regularly incentivize users to stay active on the platform; hence, there are always active users to participate in your giveaway contest.

Below is a sample Twitter contest hosted via

All participants have to do is,

  • Follow the sponsor brand on Twitter
  • Engage their Tweets
  • Refer people to the giveaway via the share option
  • Tweet with a unique hashtag and tag friends

This is a referral giveaway where users are required to complete the tasks and refer people to win prizes at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway is timed, so winners will be automatically chosen when the timer runs out, and prizes will be automatically distributed to the winners.

You can also try other giveaway approaches, as allows you to create lucky giveaways, milestone giveaways, or competition giveaways where participants have to try their best to finish at the top of the leaderboard to win the ultimate prize.

You can follow similar steps to create contests and grow your Twitter engagement with more active followers!

End Note

Rewarding your loyal followers and incentivizing them with prizes cannot go out of fashion - it is one foolproof way of maintaining cordiality, boosting your engagements, and staying relevant to your target audience.

Remember to always choose as your preferred tool for online giveaways to enjoy an easy yet sophisticated approach to online contests.

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