How To Target Audiences With Location-Specific Giveaways

Location-specific giveaways are promotional campaigns that are meticulously tailored to attract a specific geographic audience. In this article, we will be showing you how to make the most of your location-specific giveaways.

How To Target Audiences With Location-Specific Giveaways

For each business, marketing strategies differ and require specific and targeted strategies. For example, a business with a physical location, in addition to an active online presence, needs to increase not only online traffic and engagement but also physical visits.

While mass media marketing methods like billboards, TV, and radio jingles have advantages, they are limited and less effective than online marketing, especially in an age where people are glued to their social media pages. Hence, it is crucial that businesses optimize their online presence and visibility for customers and intended customers in the targeted geographic location.

An effective method is to utilize location-specific giveaways to achieve this. However, getting the most out of such giveaways would depend on how well your giveaway page is optimized for local reach. In other words, how well your location-specific giveaway is optimized for visibility will determine your results.

In this article, we will be showing you how to make the most of your location-specific giveaways.

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What are Location-Specific Giveaways and Why Are They Beneficial?

Location-specific giveaways are promotional campaigns that are meticulously tailored to attract a specific geographic audience. Unlike generic giveaways that cast a wide net, these are finely tuned to capture the attention of individuals in a targeted location, whether it be a country, state, or city.

The essence of these giveaways lies in their ability to create a localized buzz, enabling businesses to pinpoint their efforts and direct resources towards a specific demographic in a given area. This precision targeting ensures that promotional efforts are not lost in the vast digital landscape but are instead concentrated where they matter the most.

Even long after the giveaways, businesses can leverage the local audience gained to establish meaningful connections and foster local relationships, creating a sense of community and loyalty among customers in a particular region.

For brick-and-mortar businesses with an online presence, the ultimate goal is often to translate online engagement into tangible foot traffic. If well done, location-specific giveaways can bridge this gap, endearing your online audience to your brand and attracting them to walk into your physical space. Whether it's offering exclusive in-store discounts, gift cards, vouchers, organizing local events, or providing redeemable prizes that require a visit, these giveaways create a seamless connection between the digital and physical, fostering a holistic brand experience.

Below are some tips on organizing location-specific giveaways for your brand.

Identify Target Locations

What are the geographic locations that your businesses serve? Where is your business located? How far do you want your business to reach locally? These are pertinent questions that you need to answer to identify your target location. Identifying your target location helps you plan your giveaway campaign to reach the right people.

Optimize Giveaway Content For Local SEO

Giveaway content is the promotional material that is used to describe what the giveaway is about. From the title of the giveaway to the description of the giveaway and the prizes, all content must be fully optimized for local SEO.

How To Utilize Local SEO for Location-Specific Giveaways

Here are some tips to utilize local SEO for your business. These principles are guaranteed to work well for you.

Consider User Intent

Depending on what your business offers and what you know your customers or leads will be on the lookout for, you should tailor your giveaway in this regard.

For example, if your brand is targeting online shopping in the USA, you can give away free Amazon dollar cards. While doing this, remember to use the best practices that will improve your ranking on search engines. Use related keywords in the headline, giveaway description, etc.

In the giveaway sampled below, you can see the eye-catching headline, “Win $200 Amazon Gift Card,” and the description - “Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.”

When you use a dedicated contest/sweepstake platform like to host your giveaway, you can choose your title, description, and image, all optimized for local SEO.

How To Use For Your Location-Specific Giveaway

Using for your location-specific giveaway will be the best marketing decision that you can make. Most of the processes you must go through will be automated, making each process easy for you and your followers.

Every single process involved in the giveaway process is transparent and made public for all to see. Your customers can easily tell that they trust the process and your brand.

Follow these steps to create your location-specific giveaways;

  • Create an account or log in to sign up: This is the first step to getting started on Open an account if you don’t already have one. Go to your profile and update it with all the necessary information for your business
  • Set Up Your Giveaway: allows different kinds of giveaways to be set up. You can set up a giveaway contest, a random lucky draw, or a referral contest as you see fit.
  • Choose Tasks and Eligibility Requirements: One of the tasks available on is to collect physical addresses. You can also choose the eligibility of participants based on specific locations. Any location outside of these locations would not qualify for the giveaway.

You can also specify what information you can download from the dashboard. For example, you can choose to know what province, city, or street your participants are from.

Below is a gaming store located in the United States that is organizing a giveaway to distribute gaming gift cards (Roblox, XBox, and Playstation) in a bid to attract the audience of gamers in the US.

The giveaway is streamlined to the United States, and participants are asked to mention their states, cities, and postal codes. All of this information helps the organizer understand their audience, where they are concentrated, and can easily expand to other locations within the United States with this newly found information.

All participants have to do is,

  • Join the community’s discord Server and Invite five Friends
  • Share the giveaway via other social media platforms
  • Fill in the bio data, indicating your county, city, and postal code.

This is a lucky giveaway where users are required to complete the tasks to win prizes at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway is timed, so winners will be automatically chosen when the timer runs out, and prizes will be automatically distributed to the winners.

With, you can set up tasks for participants to create awareness and establish meaningful connections with your audience while gaining meaningful insights to grow your business. Hence, you effectively spread the word and, at the same time, gather a host of high-quality participants within your preferred locations who are interested in your business and what you have to offer.

You can also follow similar steps to create contests that help you target local audiences!


Harnessing the power of location-specific giveaways is a strategic approach that businesses need to take to reach more people in targeted locations who can become more loyal and engaged with your business in the long run. Your giveaway can be tailored in a way that relates to your audience in your targeted location.

Building lasting relationships with customers in local communities is important for businesses that need the communities to thrive.

Start with today.