How to Run an Influencer Giveaway: Best Practices & Tactics

Can you boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales? Learn how to run an influencer giveaway using trendy formats and tips to avoid the flip side of influencer giveaways.

How to Run an Influencer Giveaway: Best Practices & Tactics

Do you ever scroll through social media and see an enticing giveaway hosted by your favorite influencer? Those are influencer giveaways, and they can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. We all have our favorite influencers on different platforms and hope to connect with them somehow. These giveaways let you immerse in the loyalty of your influencers’ followers.

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This article discusses the basics of hosting an influencer giveaway, how it boosts your brand engagement, the good and flip sides of giveaways, and tips for mitigating these avoidable consequences.

What are Influencer Giveaways? A Win-Win for Brands

Influencer giveaways have become popular among various brands because of their potential to promote brand awareness and boost engagement. Therefore, influencer giveaways are collaborative events between top social media influencers and brands, where influencers promote a brand’s product or service to their audience.

When it comes to giveaways, choosing a prize that aligns with your brand is crucial. Influencer giveaways should resonate with the influencer's target audience enough to drive active participation. For instance, a fashion influencer is ideal for a startup fashion tech company that wants to host a new product launch event. The followers are steady on the side. You just have to make them get involved.

Giveaway Prize Categories to Consider

Before you reach out to an influencer, you must have considered a range of prize options for participants. Here are the prize categories to consider:

Core products

If you are a cosmetic brand, one of your core products becomes a classic choice, allowing potential customers to get one for free simply by completing stipulated giveaway tasks. Guess what happens after they have exhausted your amazing product? Excellent reviews, more sales, and more giveaways targeting an even wider audience. Then, sit back and watch your brand gain all the awareness it deserves.

New Launches

Do you plan to introduce a new product into the market? Best to set it out through an influencer giveaway. This helps you generate enough excitement and the buzz of a product launch.

Exclusive Products

Scarcity spurs interest. It is a powerful marketing tool, and influencer giveaways are the perfect platform to leverage the allure of exclusive products. By offering something rare or unique as a giveaway prize, people will have more interest in it and will go to several lengths to participate. While at it, do not forget to emphasize the limited nature of your giveaway prize in all promotional materials. Introduce phrases like ‘one-of-a-kind,’ ‘exclusive to this giveaway,’ ‘ends in a month’, etc,  to pique interest and increase participation.

Tickets to Events or Vacation Spots

Consider sharing tickets to an industry event, concert, or workshop related to your brand. Also, you may as well offer a dream vacation to a new location based on the trends. This has been shown to generate massive excitement. Do you know what crowns it all? If the people’s favorite influencer

is in attendance, it is one way that influencers offer exclusive access to their personalities, products (including yours), or expertise.

Digital Products

It is not just tangible products that should be considered in giveaways. You can promote your subscription services by suggesting free trials or even limited membership to your community as a giveaway prize. You can offer free licensing to software products or grant access to resources that benefit users in your brand niche.

Best Influencer Giveaways for 2024

Some giveaway formats have become out of trend as influencer giveaways evolve. Alongside traditional products and experiences, brands are increasingly offering Web3 and crypto-related prizes to tap into a growing tech-savvy audience and explore innovative marketing opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curve with these trending giveaway formats:

Gamified Giveaways: A Mix of Fun and Competition

Why not take inspiration from gaming and incorporate interactive elements into your giveaways? Your giveaway protocols can involve rewarding users for completing specific actions such as following certain accounts, tagging friends, etc. In turn, they earn points that increase their chances of winning.

Unique and Valuable Prizes: NFT Giveaways

Offer NFTs that go beyond just a digital collectible. These could provide exclusive access to online communities, discounts on future products, or even voting rights within your brand. You target a highly engaged audience interested in Web3 technologies by offering cryptocurrencies or NFTs as giveaway prizes. This expands brand reach and awareness within a specific demographic.

How to Promote Your Giveaway

Effective promotion is crucial for your giveaway to reach a wider audience and draw your brand the engagement you seek. While at it, you also earn.

Use Engaging Headlines and Subheadings: Create titles immediately grabbing people’s attention when sharing your post.

Utilize Social Media Reels: Instagram stories can be used for real-time updates and countdowns.

Reminder Emails: Your existing audience can be a great tool to boost your giveaways. Reach them directly via email to tell them first.

Detailed Instructions: Rules for giveaway participation should be clear and easy to enter.

Designs: This is where you work closely with the graphics team. Introduce compelling visuals to share the giveaway process.

How to Run a Successful Influencer Giveaway

Step 1: Choose your goals and determine your target audience

You must set a goal for every giveaway. If you want to achieve brand awareness, launch a project, or just call for partnerships or investors, this has to be clearly defined.

Step 2: Find the right giveaway platform

There are many giveaway platforms out there, but only a few have the business interest at the forefront. Prioritize giveaway platforms that automate and simplify your process from start to finish. Businesses often look for easy-to-use and cost-effective platforms to help them reach their marketing goals.

Step 3: Develop a clear and enticing giveaway concept

As discussed above, offer a prize relevant to your audience and valuable enough to generate excitement. Also, consider the trends and utilize what the evolving market considers to be of greater utility.

Step 4: Craft an engaging announcement post

Stay in close collaboration with your influencer to create a visually appealing post announcing the giveaway with clear instructions.

Step 5: Promote

Utilize your brand’s social media channels, influencer platforms, and other paid advertising to increase giveaway reach.

Step 6: Select a winner fairly and transparently

Announce the winner(s) on the same platform where the giveaway was hosted and ensure the selection process is random and verifiable. is remarkable for transparency, security, and ease of navigation. It should be your first choice hosting platform.

Step 7: Follow-ups

The participants are now new community members. Capture contact information from the giveaway participants and use email marketing to nurture them into potential customers. Do not spam them, but promote services that solve their problems.

Where to Run Your Giveaways

This is one of the highest determinants of a successful giveaway contest. Using Giveaway to host your brand giveaway can be a powerful strategy to increase your brand's visibility. Here, you can drive engagement from a wider audience and accelerate business growth.

Why Choose

Reward Features: Many brands are embracing the exciting world of Web3 to attract a broader audience. Giveaways offer a mix of physical products, gift cards, and Web3 prizes to cater to a broader audience and include different interests. With as a hosting platform,  create a strategic and inclusive giveaway experience that excites your existing audience and attracts new demographics.

Transparency: Giveaway utilizes advanced technology to ensure fair and verifiable giveaways. Breathe easy knowing every winner is chosen by merit, fostering trust with participants and boosting brand credibility.

Points to Consider Before Hosting Your Giveaway

Seasonality: Think about what might be most appealing to your audience at a specific time of year

Influencer's niche: Choose a prize that complements the influencer's content and resonates with their audience.

Partnerships: Collaborations are the major drives of businesses. Partner with other brands to offer a co-branded prize package, expanding your reach and prize value.

The Flip Side of Influencer Giveaways and How to Avoid Them

While influencer giveaways offer great potential, they also come with challenges:

Fake Followers: Some influencers may have inflated follower counts. Vet influencers carefully and prioritize engagement over sheer numbers. The platform has a community-driven approach that creates awareness around your brand, driving engagement and fostering a long-lasting community.

Low Engagement: Ensure clear guidelines for participation and encourage meaningful interactions. offers brands total engagement built on transparency. With its algorithm technology and blockchain integration, ensures that your giveaway is conducted fairly, building participant trust.

Final Thoughts

Influencer giveaways have become a cornerstone of modern marketing, offering a dynamic way to boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales. However, to fully maximize influencer giveaways in 2024, you need to embrace innovative strategies and cater to a broader audience.

Do you think hosting giveaways is time-consuming? That's where steps in. This all-in-one platform provides the tools and features to streamline every aspect of your giveaway, from creation to winner selection. Let handle the complexities while you focus on crafting the perfect giveaway strategy and watch your brand take the niche lead.