How to Create a Giveaway Campaign with Selecting the Best Giveaway Mode is a giveaway platform relied on by many businesses that automates and simplifies your giveaway process from start to end with easy-to-use, cost-effective, and advanced features that help your business reach its marketing goals.

How to Create a Giveaway Campaign with Selecting the Best Giveaway Mode is a giveaway platform relied on by many businesses that automates and simplifies your giveaway process from start to end with easy-to-use, cost-effective, and advanced features that help your business reach its marketing goals. It is an online giveaway tool that allows you to create contests, sweepstakes, and other giveaways like airdrop events, and NFT giveaways by setting the rules, eligibility conditions, and rewards to win. offers many giveaway campaign modes to meet your specific demands, allowing you to optimize the effect of your giveaway campaigns. offers four distinct giveaway campaign modes: lucky mode, referral mode, achievement mode, and competition mode.

Let's look at how you can get instant access to any of the different giveaway modes available on

How to Get Instant Access to and Launch a Giveaway Campaign

Create Project Profile:

The first step in elevating your brand or business with innovative giveaways that produce big results is to sign in to for quick access to your unique, simple-to-use giveaway dashboard, where you can select a giveaway mode that best suits your campaign needs.

However, before you can select any of the giveaway modes, you must first create a profile for your business/brand/project/social identity, which publicly displays the status of your brand or project by indicating upcoming giveaways, ongoing giveaways, and completed giveaways.

To create your project profile, click on Project Settings from your dashboard and enter all the fields with the necessary information, including a project logo, banner image, project name, official website, etc. Creating a profile for your brand/business/project allows you to gain popularity, gives your campaigns more credibility and trust, and allows participants to find all the giveaways you've created on your project profile.

Here's what the project profile looks like.

Choose Giveaway Mode

Now that your profile is ready, choosing a giveaway mode for your campaign is the next thing to do. As mentioned earlier, you can choose among four different giveaway modes: Lucky, Referral, Competition, and Achievement giveaway mode. You can choose any giveaway mode depending on your marketing or project objectives. Let's quickly review the four giveaway modes to understand how they function and help you select the best mode for your campaigns. But before we get into the various giveaway modes, why is choosing a mode for your giveaway campaign important?

Why Is Choosing a Giveaway Mode Important?

Choosing a giveaway option allows you to define the outcome of your promotion. The giveaway mode acts as an indicator for assessing the success of your giveaway campaign. More importantly, selecting a giveaway mode for your campaign determines the winner selection procedure. That is, how will winners be selected and rewarded? So, choosing a giveaway mode allows you access to the best draw method to select winners in a fair draw method and reward distribution.

Lucky Giveaway Mode

Lucky giveaway mode is the most popular campaign mode used for social media contests. You can create various task mode combinations, multiple reward types, and draw methods with the lucky giveaway mode.

With lucky giveaway mode, you can instantly launch a social media campaign to boost your online presence, followers, visibility, and many other benefits with simple tasks like liking a post, leaving a comment, or tagging a friend.

Referral Giveaway Mode

The referral giveaway mode focuses on social sharing and viral giveaways, which can help you swiftly spread and impact your giveaway campaigns across social networks. As the name indicates, it increases your marketing reach by promoting a "word-of-mouth marketing" technique.

When you create a campaign using the referral giveaway method, participants' chances of winning are determined by the number of people they invite. Referral giveaway mode is usually a win-win situation for your business and the participants. Every referral they make increases their chances of winning while expanding your company's reach.

Achievement Giveaway Mode

The achievement giveaway mode uses giveaway campaigns to celebrate a milestone or an achievement. For example, if you reach 10,000 or 100,000 Instagram followers, you can launch an achievement giveaway campaign to honor such a feast. You can also use achievement giveaway mode to create giveaway campaigns to celebrate your business's anniversary, special seasonal sales such as Halloween and Black Friday, and so on.

Creating an achievement giveaway campaign to commemorate a unique occasion or a new milestone allows you to express thanks and reward brand loyalty. The Achievement Giveaway Mode is ideal for promoting certain occasions, celebrating a new achievement or milestone, or running a seasonal sales push.

Competition Giveaway Mode

Competition giveaway mode allows you to create a campaign encouraging participants to show their abilities and creativity. The competition giveaway mode is perfect for collecting user-generated content (UGC) to promote your business through organic content.

For example, using competitive giveaway mode, you can create a healthy "Share N Win" contest that develops social influence at a lower cost as participants compete to outperform one another to win the reward. Also, you can create a quiz task with the competition mode giveaway, where participants answer a series of questions to be eligible for the reward. Winners are chosen based on their performance, knowledge, or creativity, resulting in a more competitive and skill-based campaign that can build excitement and passion.

Selecting one of the giveaway modes allows you to create a campaign that meets your marketing or business goals. Even if you need a custom configuration or combinations of the giveaway mode, you can do that with

Let's Look at How to Create a Giveaway Campaign in Three Easy Steps, Using the Lucky Giveaway Mode as an Example:

Creating a giveaway campaign with the lucky giveaway mode is straightforward. Simply with three easy steps, you can create a giveaway campaign on

Step 1: Click Create Giveaway on your dashboard and choose Lucky Giveaway. Enter the title and description, and upload a cover image for your campaign. Interestingly, allows you to create attention-grabbing giveaway titles and descriptions with its AI feature. Instead of manually filling in the details, click "Suggest Title" and "Suggest Description" to have AI titles and descriptions relevant to your campaign generated for you.

Once the title and description have been generated, the image below is what you will get. Every detail, such as how to participate, timing, and terms and conditions of the giveaway, will be generated, and you can edit for clarity and ensure the details align with your brand's identity.

After completing the title and description, you must indicate how winners will be picked, referred to as the draw method. There are three draw methods available on

  1. Instant Draw: Instant draws allow participants to stand a winning chance immediately in the selection process after finishing their assigned tasks. Instant draws give a sense of urgency to your contest, keeping participants interested and ready to participate.
  2. Goal-triggered Draw: Goal-triggered draws provide a more strategic approach to your giveaway contest by placing the fate of the contest in your control. The draws occur only when specific predetermined targets are completed, ensuring that your giveaway aligns with your brand's objectives.
  3. Timed Draw: Timed draws add urgency and excitement to your giveaway campaign. Participants in Timed draws have a set amount of time to complete activities before the winners are selected automatically.

Whatever draw method you select for your campaign, the outcome will be random and fair since uses Provably Fair Algorithm technology to ensure that the outcomes of each campaign are fair and transparent.

Step 2: Set Up Tasks: The next step is to add some tasks that participants will complete to stand a chance to win the giveaway prize. You can set up simple tasks like:

  • Liking, commenting, and sharing your social media page
  • Signing up on your website and completing an action
  • Subscribing to your newsletter for periodic updates.
  • Make a purchase.
  • Or any other custom tasks as applicable to your campaign objective.

Step 3: Set Up Rewards: The third and last stage of creating the giveaway is to set up the participant rewards. There are three categories of rewards to choose from: Token Reward, NFT Rewards, and Other Rewards. For more reward possibilities, Other Rewards rewards winners with physical items like iPads, iPhones, electronics, flight tickets, etc. Choose the best reward type for your contest.

The Lucky giveaway mode is ideal for engaging your audience quickly and excitingly while giving every participant an equal chance to win after completing simple tasks on your preferred social media platform, such as liking a post, leaving a comment, or tagging a friend.

After you've completed all three steps of creating your giveaway campaign, preview it for any modifications, create it, and then get your giveaway link to share with the world. Keep track of your contest participation with's user-friendly dashboard. provides tracking tools to assist you in determining the impact of your marketing. With these real-time insights, you may fine-tune your campaign as needed.

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