How to Automatically Give Away NFT Whitelist Spots On Your Discord Server

In this article, we’ll teach you how to promote your NFT project on Discord by giving away whitelist spots, creating captivating contests, and ensuring fairness among your participants. Keep reading!

How to Automatically Give Away NFT Whitelist Spots On Your Discord Server

There are several ways to promote a new NFT project, spreading the word far and wide and attracting participants, and one underrated method is via a little giveaway that leads your audience to do the marketing for you.

Everyone loves free things, even if they can afford them, so with this logic, one way to effectively promote your NFT project without incurring any cost is by giving away a few whitelist spots for free or cheap NFT minting.

These whitelist spots grant lucky individuals the opportunity to get the NFT other people would buy at a way lower price or even for free, and for anyone who knows the way NFT communities work, this is a big deal, which is why you can utilize this to your advantage as an NFT project owner.

Gone are the days of traditional advertising methods that struggle to capture attention in an oversaturated digital landscape. You can easily let your audience do the work for you; in exchange for a chance to win whitelist spots, many would gladly undertake simple tasks like retweeting on Twitter, tagging friends, and inviting others to Discord channels; this not only amplifies your project's visibility but also cultivates an enthusiastic community eager to spread the word, creating a social media buzz of an active community.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to promote your NFT project on Discord by giving away whitelist spots, creating captivating contests, and ensuring fairness among your participants. Keep reading!

How to Promote NFT Projects with Whitelist Promos

Capturing the attention of NFT enthusiasts and creating a social media buzz around your project is essential for the success of any crypto or NFT project. It’s cool to spend big, hire influencers, and apply other marketing strategies to become a topic on social media; however, if you are on a budget or would just like to try a new approach, you can leverage giveaways to promote your NFT project.

Many people don’t like creating giveaways because it involves giving out something of value (typically monetary), and they would rather just use the perceived cost to try something new. However, giving away whitelist spots is quite different.

Unlike token giveaways, where the recipient can immediately sell off the tokens received, whitelist giveaways are different. Whitelist spots offer an exclusive opportunity for early access, special perks, and limited-edition NFTs, making them highly desirable among collectors and investors before the general public gains access to mint the same NFTs.

Hence, unlike regular tokens, a whitelist winner would be interested in the success of the giveaway to ensure that their assets remain valuable for a long time. Plus, it comes at no initial cost to you as a project owner, offering very few risks for greater rewards!

To effectively promote your NFT project using whitelist promos, it's important to employ a well-structured approach that engages your target audience and encourages them to spread the word. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Define the Value of Whitelist Spots: It’s important to highlight the unique benefits that come with the whitelist spots you intend to give away. Is it exclusivity? Early access? Cheaper access? special bonuses, or access to limited edition NFTs. Communicate why being on the whitelist is a highly sought-after opportunity and make it a clear selling point.
  2. Define Contest Details: Start by determining the key aspects of your contest, such as the duration, entry requirements, and the number of whitelist spots you intend to give away. Consider the goals you want to achieve and the level of engagement you expect from participants. This will help you set the stage for an exciting and rewarding contest.
  3. Craft Compelling Visuals and Descriptions: Design visually appealing graphics and write persuasive descriptions that capture the essence of your project and the excitement of whitelist access. Use eye-catching images, compelling taglines, and concise messaging to make a strong impression on your target audience.
  4. Leverage Social Media Engagement: In addition to your Discord server, it’s important to utilize the power of other social media platforms to create a buzz around your whitelist promos. Encourage participants to perform specific social media tasks, such as sharing your posts on Twitter, retweeting, liking, or commenting on your content. Make it easy for participants to engage by providing clear instructions and using popular platforms.
  5. Choose Engaging Tasks: Aside from social media tasks, you can also create interesting tasks that participants must complete to be eligible for the whitelist spots. These tasks should be fun, interactive, and aligned with your project's branding and values.
    For example, you can ask participants to create user-generated content related to your NFT projects, such as memes, designs, or other creative ideas for future developments. The goal is to encourage participants to actively engage with your project and showcase their enthusiasm.
  6. Implement Referral Programs: Maximize the reach of your whitelist promotions by incentivizing participants to refer their friends. Offer additional benefits, bonuses, or increased chances of winning for each successful referral. This not only expands your project's network but also fosters a sense of community and excitement among participants.
  7. Ensure Transparency and Fairness: Establish trust and credibility by ensuring transparency and fairness in the selection process. Clearly communicate the criteria and rules for winning whitelist spots, and consider using transparent mechanisms such as randomized selection algorithms or third-party auditing to eliminate any doubts or concerns.
  8. Engage with Your Community: Actively engage with participants and the wider community throughout the promo period. Respond to inquiries, provide updates, and create a sense of anticipation. Regularly communicate the progress of the whitelist promos, winners, and any additional benefits or surprises participants can look forward to.

How To Promote Your NFT’s Discord Server With Whitelist Giveaways With is a cutting-edge platform that empowers sponsors to create engaging contests where participants vie for a chance to win any sort of prizes, including Web2 prizes like vouchers, gift cards, electronics, etc., or Web3 prizes like NFTs, tokens, whitelist spots, etc.

Typically, manually hosting a giveaway for promotional purposes is quite hectic, as there are several elements to track; however, with cool features and a user-friendly interface, takes the guesswork out of promotional campaigns, enabling sponsors to reach a broader audience and generates buzz around their projects effortlessly.

With, you can easily harness the passion of the NFT community and channel it into a viral promotional campaign, creating a powerful incentive for NFT enthusiasts to actively engage and spread the word about your project.’s unique appeal is the confidence it gives brands and their beneficiaries throughout the entire process due to its fairness and transparency. First, the system verifies entries per task, so contestants can be sure that they have correctly fulfilled the requirements to qualify for winner selection after the sponsor has specified the exact criteria for winning.

As the creator of the contest, you would not have the power to influence the outcome, and neither would, because the utility of the blockchain means everything is fair, transparent, and verifiable.

Below is a sample Discord giveaway created to give away free mint whitelists to winners.

This NFT project is looking to spread the word about its NFT project via a giveaway contest to reward 100 people with whitelist spots to mint exclusive NFTs for free.

All participants have to do is,

  • Join the project’s Discord server.
  • Invite five friends, and
  • Share the giveaway with at least one friend.

This giveaway is a simple lucky giveaway where users only have to complete the tasks to qualify for the final draw, where the winners will be chosen at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway is timed, so winners will be automatically chosen when the timer runs out, and prizes will be automatically distributed to the winners.

You can also try other giveaway approaches, as allows you to create referral giveaways, where participants are encouraged to invite their friends to participate, offering a higher chance of winning a whitelist spot for each successful referral. This powerful referral system not only incentivizes participants to actively promote your project but also unlocks the viral potential of social networks, expanding your project's reach far beyond what traditional marketing methods can achieve.

Milestone giveaways and competition giveaways also exist, where participants have to try their best to finish at the top of the leaderboard to win the ultimate prize.

You can also create a similar giveaway to boost your project on Discord via with this instant template.

End Note

Creating a giveaway on Discord to promote your NFT project is one cheap and easy way to promote your server. allows your audience to do the marketing for you while you sit back and enjoy the results. So, whether you intend to use free-mint whitelists, early access, or limited edition NFT mints, it’s easy. All you need to do is create a giveaway that appeals to your audience, optimize it smartly with social media, and turn it into an automatic contest with!