Share 'n' Win Giveaway: How User-Generated Content Impacts Brand Awareness

The Share' n' Win Giveaway strategy undeniably taps into the latent power of UGC, transforming ordinary customers into powerful brand ambassadors. How does the Share 'n' Win giveaway campaign affect brand awareness? Let's find out!

Share 'n' Win Giveaway: How User-Generated Content Impacts Brand Awareness

Consumers trust Organic content and marketing more than other forms of marketing. Your audience would prefer to believe the words of existing consumers than you, no matter how user-focused your adverts are. As a result, organic content and marketing, particularly user-generated content, has become a marketing goldmine and a proven way to raise brand awareness and attract new audiences.

On the other hand, more than relying on the words of others, consumers love the idea of winning something or getting a freebie for doing simple tasks. As a result, creating a simple Share 'n' Win giveaway campaign is one method to leverage and combine these two consumer behaviors of trusting user-generated content and winning freebies.

The Share 'n' Win giveaway strategy emphasizes vital consumer engagement and the use of user-generated content (UGC) in brand awareness campaigns. Even though customers enjoy winning, they enjoy sharing their experiences and ideas more.

As a result, UGC and giveaways easily combine these habits, encouraging users to create content that enters them into a contest and promotes the brand in a personal, empathetic way. Customers who become advertisers draw the attention of their friends, family, and followers, and the brand gains a place in new minds and marketplaces.

UGC's authenticity and reach have concrete impacts on brand visibility and reputation, making it a strategy worth exploring for businesses, regardless of industry. But how does user-generated content work? How does the Share 'n' Win giveaway campaign affect brand awareness? Let's find out!

How Does User-Generated Content (UGC) Work?

User-generated material (UGC) is any content users or customers provide rather than the brands themselves. For example, you buy a new pair of sneakers and take a cool photo of them to share on Instagram with a brand tag. That is a basic example of UGC. Although it is not an official advertisement from the manufacturer, it does show off the goods to anybody who sees your post. When your friends and followers see the photo, they will notice the sneakers and the brand and may even consider purchasing a pair.

But UGC is more than just showing off a purchase. UGC can take the shape of reviews, comments, testimonials, or any other content where consumers share their opinions or experiences with a product, service, or brand. It's extremely useful to businesses because it's genuine, authentic, and based on real user experiences. In a world where people are sometimes wary of traditional advertising, user-generated content (UGC) is social proof. When we witness genuine people enjoying a product or sharing their experiences, we gain trust and may be influenced to purchase.

How Can User-Generated Content Impact Brand Awareness?

Authenticity and Trust

User-generated content (UGC) is critical in building consumer trust and authenticity. When real users express their honest opinions and experiences with a product or service, it is viewed as more authentic than branded marketing. People are more likely to trust the opinions and suggestions of other consumers, particularly those in their social circles.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

UGC improves customer engagement by making customers participants in the brand's narrative. Customers who create content about a brand demonstrate their involvement and interest in the brand's offers. Brands that recognize, share, or showcase UGC demonstrate appreciation for their customers' efforts, improving the customer-brand relationship. It also creates a two-way connection in which customers consume and actively generate content, making them feel more connected and valued by the company.

Expanding Reach

UGC can greatly increase a brand's reach without incurring additional marketing expenses. When users create and share brand-related content, their network sees it, exposing the brand to new and potential customers who might not have been reached through traditional marketing. This type of promotion is less expensive and more effective than direct brand advertisements since people are likely to trust suggestions from friends, family, and individuals they follow.

Enhancing Social Proof

Social proof is a significant psychological phenomenon in which people believe the actions of others to be correct. Potential customers are more inclined to buy, use, and enjoy a product if they see others doing so. UGC acts as social proof by demonstrating real-world uses and satisfaction with the products or services provided by a business. Photos, videos, and reviews of people enjoying a product prove its worth, persuading prospects that it is a worthwhile purchase.

Content Variety and Relatability

UGC incorporates a wide range of content into a brand's marketing strategy, which is refreshing and relevant to various audience segments. Consumers create content in diverse, one-of-a-kind, and personal ways, displaying things in real-world circumstances that the business may not have considered. This diversity of viewpoints can make the brand approachable and accessible to a broader audience, increasing its appeal and relevance across various consumer segments.

How to Get UGC through Contest: Share 'n' Win Giveaways

Define Objectives and Set Clear Guidelines

It is critical to precisely establish the objectives before initiating a UGC contest. Understand what you want to accomplish, whether it's growing brand exposure, increasing engagement, or acquiring certain content. Establish and explain simple requirements for participants, including the type of work you're searching for, submission methods, and any theme or criteria that must be followed. To avoid confusion and maintain a smooth-running contest, ensure that the contest regulations, such as eligibility criteria, content usage rights, and reward information, are explicit and accessible.

Choose Relevant Prizes and Incentives

It is critical to choose prizes that are desirable to your target audience. The prizes should appeal to your target demographic and be relevant to your brand. It might be a feature spot on your website, special discounts, free products, or unique experiences. Incentives should be proportional to the effort necessary to create UGC and should inspire participants to contribute high-quality content. Users are more willing to devote time and creativity to their submissions when they see a tangible and attractive return, boosting the quality and amount of content provided.

Use Online Giveaway Platform for Automation

Handling the entry procedure, collection process, participant task verification, and winner selection is one of the challenges in collecting UGC from a contest. Manually accomplishing this can be intimidating, time-consuming, and challenging. However, utilizing an online giveaway platform automates the process at every point, from participant eligibility to winner selection. Using an online giveaway platform like Giveaway.com streamlines the process from beginning to end, eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of organizing and executing your giveaway campaigns.

How to Get UGC with a Share' n' Win Giveaway Campaign Using Giveaway.com

Creating a UGC contest can help you reach multiple goals: increased brand awareness and visibility, social proof, credibility and authority, and increased user engagement. With Giveaway.com, it's straightforward to do without installing any plugin or browser extension. Sign up and create your project profile, select the giveaway mode, add necessary information about the giveaway and how to participate, and create your video contest campaign.

When using Giveaway.com to collect UGC, you can require participants to complete a simple activity, such as sharing information about your brand, product, or service, as a contest entry condition. In this manner, you can create excitement for your giveaway while collecting valuable UGC for future marketing efforts.

Using Giveaway.com ensures a fair and open procedure, which builds confidence in your audience and inspires them to engage in your campaigns. As a result, you can expect more contact and a wider range of services.

Here's a Template for a Giveaway Campaign Using Giveaway.com

Let's see this template for how creators and businesses leveraged YouTube video contests to generate user-generated content for brand awareness, social proof, and increased engagement.

This is a simple user-generated content giveaway campaign that requires participants to complete these simple tasks to claim the prize. The tasks for participants to earn the reward are simple:

  • Visit the channel page
  • Create and submit a short video

As you see in the image, this is a simple contest campaign to collect user-generated content to achieve increased brand awareness and visibility, social proof, credibility and authority, and increased user engagement.

The campaign is a timed draw contest in which the prize can be manually distributed to participants that completed the task.

Easy, right?

Click here to create a similar Share ‘n’ Win giveaway campaign to increase your brand awareness.


The Share' n' Win Giveaway strategy undeniably taps into the latent power of UGC, transforming ordinary customers into powerful brand ambassadors. Businesses may release a cascade of genuine, peer-recommended advertising that transcends networks and demographics, often with virality that paid advertisements can't match.

Giveaway.com offers a streamlined platform for businesses to automate giveaways and contests, making it easier to engage audiences, collect user-generated content, and boost online presence, all while providing a seamless, transparent, and efficient experience for organizers and participants.