Landing Page Giveaway Tips to Increase Conversion

In this article, we'll explore landing page giveaway tips that will help you design your own giveaway landing page. The purpose of a landing page giveaway, just like any other landing page, is to convert every potential customer into an engaged customer and user.

Landing Page Giveaway Tips to Increase Conversion

Today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape has increased the need to employ means to capture consumers’ hearts. This has now become an art that requires skill, innovation, and creativity. Among other modern marketing strategies, there’s one tactic that has proven useful in increasing engagement and conversion—landing page giveaways.

In this article, we are exploring landing page giveaway tips that will give you a picture of what you are supposed to replicate while designing your own giveaway landing page. These pages leave a lasting effect on the participants that gets them to continue thinking about the giveaway. The essence of this article is to let you know how you can make the most of your giveaway landing page.

Let’s get into it!

What is a Landing Page Giveaway?

Making the decision to engage your business in a giveaway is a laudable action. It is a step in the right direction to increase your reach and engagement. However, if there is something that your giveaway campaign should never leave out, that would be your landing page giveaway.

A landing page giveaway is a standalone web page that is created specifically to host the giveaway or contest. The landing page includes all the details for the giveaway. Every participant can learn about the prizes to be won, entry requirements, and other information about your business.

The purpose of a landing page giveaway, just like any other landing page, is to convert every potential customer into engaged followers and listeners.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

While outlining examples of a good landing page, it is important to identify key components to look out for. Some of these include:

Attention-Grabbing Headline

A headline is the first thing your prospects will see when they come across your landing page. It draws attention to the content of your landing page. A headline should not only capture the thought of the entire content, but it should also make the reader want to read what you have to offer. The headline should capture emotions, rouse curiosity, or tell the reader what your offer is. Since your landing page is for a giveaway, it is important that you highlight the giveaway offer immediately in the headline.

Engaging Visuals

Pictures speak louder than words. This means that you can easily communicate more with the right visuals on your landing page. How well your landing page appeals to the eyes of the reader will have a large impact on how well it converts. However, it is important to understand that it is not just about adding visuals anywhere and without caution. Your visuals should effectively communicate the intended message.

Clear and Concise Call-to-Action (CTA)

There’s no complete landing page without a proper call to action. The purpose of a landing page is to get leads to take a specific action.

A landing page should have a clear and concise call to action that tells the reader what to do. It might be to create a referral link, sign up to be eligible for the giveaway, join a waitlist, etc.

Persuasive Copywriting

The landing page content should be persuasive enough to make the readers do what the landing page intended for them to do. Each word, line, and paragraph should lead the prospect to take action immediately. The reader should know and be fully persuaded of the benefits they can get from taking the action that the CTA suggests.

User-Friendly Entry Form

Collecting entries is very important for a successful giveaway campaign. The forms should be easy to interact with. Clear instructions on what you want to be provided should be given. Minimal questions and details should be required. This is because too many questions can frustrate the conversion process.

How To Host Your Landing Page Giveaway Via Giveaway.com

Giveaway.com is a buzzing online contest platform that allows brands to boost their visibility and social standing via giveaway campaigns, foster engagement, and promote their businesses to users.

Giveaway.com’s major selling point is its huge commitment to transparency; all contests and draw processes are blockchain-based, and their fairness can be verified by anybody. Hence, manipulations and lies common with online contests are inexistent with Giveaway.com.

Template to Create Giveaway That Drives Traffic to Your Landing Page Giveaway

We've crafted a comprehensive guide to lead you through the process, complete with practical examples and templates. By harnessing the power of Giveaway.com, you'll have all the tools you need to run an engaging and effective online giveaway campaign that will help you grow your business!

Click here to view

Creating a similar online giveaway for your business is simpler than you might think. Here's how to do it in a few straightforward steps using Giveaway.com:

Sign Up on Giveaway.com

Once you're logged in, a user-friendly interface will guide you through the setup process. For Instagram giveaways, opt for the "Lucky Giveaway" mode on Giveaway.com. This mode allows you to explore various task mode combinations, reward types, and draw methods.

Define Entry Actions

Giveaway.com provides a range of customizable entry actions:

  • Following your Instagram account
  • Verify your email ID or sign up
  • Tagging friends in the comments
  • Sharing the post to their stories
Task Template for Instagram Giveaway

Select actions that align with your giveaway goals and target audience.

Choose a Prize

Select a prize that resonates with your business users. Giveaway.com allows you to choose between Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 prizes. Ensure the prize is enticing and relevant to your followers' interests.

Customize the Look

Personalize your giveaway to align with your brand's aesthetics. Utilize Giveaway.com's customization options to choose colors, fonts, and layouts that match your brand's visual identity. Enhance the visual appeal of your giveaway by:

  • Featuring the prize prominently
  • Displaying images of the prize
  • Explaining how participants can win in the description

Manage Entries

Easily track entries, actions, and participant engagement through Giveaway.com's intuitive dashboard. The platform offers tracking features to monitor the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. Real-time analytics empower you to adjust your strategy as needed.

Select a Winner

Once the giveaway concludes, Giveaway.com simplifies the process of selecting a winner. Choose randomly or base the winner on specific actions performed. The platform ensures transparency and fairness in winner selection.

Sample Caption for Your Giveaway

Option 1: 🎉 Exciting News! Participate in our online giveaway for a chance to win [Prize Name]! To enter:

  • Follow us @___Name__
  • Verify your email ID.
  • Tag two friends who would love to win!

Increase your chances by sharing this post with your stories! Ready to win big? Join the fun now: [Giveaway Link]

Option 2: 🎁 Hey! We're thrilled to bring you a fantastic giveaway. To enter:

  • Follow us @__Name__
  • Double-tap this post
  • Tag a friend who deserves this prize

Feeling lucky? Share this post with your story for an extra entry. Don't miss out – participate now: [Giveaway Link]

Ready to Get Started?

Create a captivating online giveaway using Giveaway.com's platform. Drive engagement, expand your follower base, and grow your business.

Click here to create your landing page giveaway today!

If you direct traffic to your website or other landing pages, it is important to have a clear call to action so that the traffic doesn’t get wasted. You could direct them to sign up, invite someone, fill out a form, or do something else - anything that helps you nurture your leads better.

As long as you have chosen the right prize, you will attract the exact audience that suits your business goals, and that demographic is more than likely to complete the tasks.


One thing is undeniably clear; landing page giveaways can elevate your marketing efforts to the next level. Aside from ads and other digital distractions on the internet, a giveaway landing page is how you can capture your customers' attention and turn them into loyalists for your business.

From stunning designs to captivating headlines and ease of entry, they prove our point about what entails a good landing page–a captivating headline, appealing visuals, and a clear call to action.