How to Get More Viewers on Twitch Using Contests

One of the most frustrating feelings about being a digital creator, especially a Twitch streamer, is live-streaming your content without getting enough viewers. In this post we'll explore how to efficiently use contests to gain more Twitch viewers.

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch Using Contests

One of the most frustrating feelings about being a digital creator, especially a Twitch streamer, is live-streaming your content without getting enough viewers. However, the sad reality is that growing on Twitch, like any social platform, can be challenging, especially as a beginner seeking to become an authority in your niche.

Twitch is a live-streaming interactive network where millions chat, participate, and create entertainment. Twitch's core focus is video games, where users may watch others play, interact with other viewers, or live stream their gameplay.

So, in the face of such fierce competition, how do you stand out and attract a larger audience and a sizable proportion of the over 31 million daily viewers to your channel? Well, one method that has proven effective across various platforms is the enticement of contests.

While organizing a contest may appear simple, there are ways to optimize its potential and significantly increase your viewer count. In this post we'll explore how to efficiently use contests to gain more Twitch viewers. But first, what kinds of contests are available on Twitch?

Types of Contests You Can Run on Twitch

Giveaway Contest

One of Twitch's easiest and most popular contests is the giveaway contest. Streamers can engage and thrill their audience by presenting a tempting prize, whether a game, one-of-a-kind gaming resources, exclusive merchandise, or other compelling rewards.

To enter, viewers usually needed to do a basic action, such as typing a specific word or phrase into the conversation. The streamer chooses a winner at random after the entry time has ended. This contest boosts chat engagement and gives viewers a real reason to stay tuned to the live stream.

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Follower Contest

Increasing your Twitch follower count is essential for gaining more views. A follower contest is a great way for viewers to hit the follow button. The idea is simple: viewers are entered into a drawing to win a prize in exchange for subscribing to the channel. This type of contest benefits streamers looking to grow their following since it encourages viewers to go the extra mile and subscribe to the channel.


Subathons are marathons that subscribers organize. The streamer sets a timer in this challenge, and with each additional subscriber, more time is added, typically resulting in longer streaming durations. Streamers usually tier their rewards as part of the challenge: the longer they have to stream owing to new subscriptions, the more precious or unique the prizes become. This has a snowball effect because viewers are driven to subscribe for individual prizes and to reach larger goals.


Hosting a tournament requires more planning than other contest categories, but it may produce some of the most intriguing and extensive content. Streamers might ask their audience to play a game. It could be the streamer's typical game or something completely different. The tournament winner or winners are then awarded rewards. This model fosters community by allowing viewers to communicate with one another and the streamer in a competitive atmosphere. It has the potential to draw both players and observers, adding layers of interaction to the channel.

Quiz Contest

Everyone enjoys a good trivia contest. During a quiz contest, streamers ask their viewers trivia questions regarding gaming, the game they're currently playing, or even the streamer and their channel. Prizes can be given in various ways, for example, to the first accurate response or to the viewer who properly answers the most questions throughout the stream. This challenge keeps viewers engaged by testing their knowledge and reflexes as they scramble to type in their responses.

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch Using Contests

Choose an Appealing Prize

Choosing the right prize is the foundation of any successful contest. Since your Twitch audience is most likely passionate about gaming, personalizing the reward to their interests might increase engagement. Offering a wanted new game, sought-after gaming equipment, or even cash rewards might inspire viewers. Remember, the idea is to choose a prize that will pique the interest of your target population.

Simplify the Entry Process

While it may be tempting to create intricate contests, simplicity is essential. Overly cumbersome entrance methods or requirements may put off potential participants. Instead, choose simple entry strategies like following your Twitch channel, leaving a comment, or sharing your stream URL. The easier it is for viewers to participate, the more participants you are likely to attract.

Leverage Social Media for Promotion

Cross-promotion is essential for increasing the reach of your contest. Use your social media networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to spread the word. Share regular contest updates, create attractive images, and even consider teaser videos. Encouraging your existing followers to share the contest can also help it reach new viewers unfamiliar with your Twitch channel. A well-crafted piece with appealing graphics or teasers can generate traction, particularly if you encourage your current followers to share, retweet, or repost it. Each sharing functions as a personal recommendation, increasing the likelihood that friends of your followers may check out your stream.

Set a Clear Timeframe

Creating a sense of urgency can motivate people to act quickly. Limiting your contest to a certain period, whether a week or a month, motivates people to participate as soon as possible. A specific deadline encourages rapid participation and allows you to retain momentum in your promotional activities, creating a constant buzz around your Twitch channel during the contest's duration.

Ensure a Fair Selection Process

Building and keeping a devoted viewer base requires trust. Encouraging trust through a transparent and unbiased approach to selecting winners is critical. Platforms such as giveaway.com can help automate this process, ensuring every participant has an equal chance at the reward. Sharing the mechanics of how winners will be decided publicly, or even conducting a live draw, can increase transparency and viewers' confidence in your contests.

Run the Contest Multiple Times

Staying on the radar requires repetition. By holding contests regularly, you can keep your audience excited and anticipate and attract newcomers. Word will spread whenever you offer a contest, and with several chances to win, potential viewers will be more likely to tune in. This strategy ensures that even those who missed the contest the first time will have another opportunity to join, progressively increasing your audience.

Partner with Other Streamers

Collaboration has always been an excellent approach to advance in the digital realm. You can tap into each other's audiences by collaborating with another streamer, especially one specializing in a comparable or complementary specialty. A collaborative contest may entice viewers from both sides to check out the other streamer, doubling the potential reach. Moreover, such collaborations can lead to unique and richer content, thanks to the blending of styles and personalities from both streamers.

Here's a Template on How to Use Giveaway.com to Get More Viewers on Twitch

Giveaway.com is a powerful marketing platform that helps brands define rules and run a successful contest. Giveaway.com automates running a giveaway campaign for businesses, including user participation guidelines, task monitoring, and fairly and openly picking and awarding winners.

Here's how Jamallsantuy used Giveaway.com to increase his YouTube views and subscribers.

Check out the giveaway details here.

This is a simple Lucky giveaway campaign mode in which users must complete three activities to be eligible to win 100,000BabyDoge.

The campaign is an instant draw contest in which the prize is automatically distributed to users who fulfill the tasks below.

Simple, yeah? You can repeat these procedures to gain as many Twitch viewers as you desire for your streams. Here's a simple step to follow:

  • Log in to Giveaway.com and click on 'Create Lucky Giveaway', fill in the basic info such as title, description, cover image, and draw method.
  • Now, set up tasks for participants that specify how they enter and win the giveaway. To gain viewers for your Twitch streams, you can create tasks like:

Subscription: Ask participants to join your Twitch Channel.

Comment participation: Ask participants to drop comments to win

Like, share, and follow: Ask participants to interact with your Twitch Channel to win the prize

Create a Lucky Giveaway campaign on Giveaway.com today to get more viewers on your Twitch streams!


Using contests on Twitch is more than just giving away prizes; it's about generating engaging experiences, developing alliances, and strategically leveraging other platforms for promotion.

When implemented with creativity and strategic insight, contests can be a magnet for new viewers and a means of further engaging your current audience. You can provide both entertainment and an inclusive community with well-planned contests, which will contribute to the growth and success of your Twitch channel.