E-commerce Giveaway: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Campaign

In this post, we'll discuss the common mistakes many businesses make when launching their e-commerce giveaway campaigns.

E-commerce Giveaway: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Campaign

The main and most important goal of any ecommerce business is to have profitable and regular sales. Regardless of the marketing method used to achieve this objective, repeat sales are always the goal of any ecommerce business.

Therefore, launching an ecommerce giveaway is one of the most common and effective marketing approaches for increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and other KPIs that lead to quality sales.

The use of giveaways to attract and engage customers has grown in popularity, particularly in ecommerce. Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing, right? However, not every gift achieves the desired level of success. Some fail, not because of a lack of effort or investment, but because of easily avoidable mistakes.

Whether it's your first time hosting a giveaway or you've done it a few times before, understanding and avoiding these pitfalls might mean the difference between a successful giveaway campaign and a disaster.

In this post, we'll talk about the common mistakes many businesses make when launching their e-commerce giveaway campaigns.

Common Ecommerce Giveaway Mistakes to Avoid

Setting Unclear Goals

Imagine you're on a road trip with no destination in mind. You might enjoy the ride, but you'll waste gas and time, and you might end up nowhere interesting. The same is true for e-commerce giveaways. Launching without a clear goal is like embarking on an aimless adventure.

For example, if you want to increase your social media followers, your campaign should be tailored to make it appealing for people to follow you, such as by asking participants to tag friends or share your post. If you want to promote a new product, use it as a reward or give winners exclusive access. If you're looking for customer information, consider offering an entry in exchange for completing a survey. The key is that knowing what you want from the start guarantees that your efforts are directed efficiently and effectively.

Having Complicated Entry Requirements

Everyone has been there. You see a tempting giveaway, click on it, and are instantly bombarded with a large list of things to perform just to be eligible to participate. It's exhausting, and you may think, "It's not worth it." That is the last thing you want prospective participants to think.

The easier your entry procedure, the better. If you want participants to do something, such as share a post, tag a friend, or sign up for a subscription, keep the steps to a minimum. Each additional prerequisite reduces the number of persons who will complete the process. Getting more people on board requires simplicity.

Not Promoting the Giveaway Enough

Imagine your giveaway to be the coolest party in town. No matter how fantastic it is, if you don't send out invitations or inform others about it, no one will go. The mere creation of a giveaway does not ensure participation. You must spread the news! Share it throughout your social media channels, and don't be afraid to repost it.

Email newsletters can also be a goldmine, especially if you have a large subscriber list. Collaborations are also important. Partnering with another business or influencer can broaden your reach and attract individuals who may not have heard of you otherwise.

Not Setting Clear Terms and Conditions

Your giveaway's regulations aren't just for entertainment; they're in place to safeguard both you and the participants. You leave yourself exposed to potential misunderstandings or arguments if you don't have clear terms and conditions. What is the maximum age? Are there any geographical limitations? How will the winners be contacted? These details are significant. Furthermore, different locations have special restrictions regarding giveaways, such as how they can be handled and what must be declared.

By establishing detailed regulations, you not only provide participants with clarity but also protect your business from potential legal pitfalls.

Choosing Irrelevant Prizes

A fantastic prize is essential for running a successful contest or giveaway. People may not be encouraged to participate if the reward is not attractive or valuable enough, resulting in low engagement and a negative brand image. Consider the offered prize to be a magnet. You're hoping it's compelling enough to entice people to interact with your brand.

When the prize does not resonate with your target audience, two things can happen. First, many potential buyers may scroll past your giveaway because they believe it is not worth their time. Second, you may receive entries from people not genuinely interested in your brand.

To avoid making this mistake, consider providing your target audience with a meaningful and valued gift. This might be a product or service you provide, a gift card to your store, or a prize that matches the ideals of your business. Ensure the prize is something your target audience would be interested in and happy to receive.

Not Using User-Generated Content

In the world of e-commerce, user-generated content (UGC) is like striking gold. It's genuine, relatable, and hugely influential. Imagine scrolling through your account and coming across somebody boasting about a thing they won in a raffle, complete with a genuine photo. Doesn't it feel more intimate and trustworthy than an advertisement?

By encouraging participants to post their content, you're not only increasing awareness of the contest but also stocking up on genuine marketing material. It's a win-win situation! UGC is typically perceived as more real by potential customers and can have a cascading effect, driving additional purchases and engagements down the road.

Manually Running Your Giveaway

Imagine the difficulty of keeping track of thousands of entries, comments, shares, and likes dispersed across multiple platforms. Isn't it overwhelming? Manually doing this might be time-consuming and result in errors, lost entries, or even perceived injustice in the selection process. In this instance, it is crucial to automate the giveaway process with an online giveaway platform such as Giveaway.com, which streamlines the process from beginning to end while maintaining fairness and transparency.

Giveaway.com is a platform that automatically checks across all social platforms, selects winners in a random draw technique for a fair outcome, and distributes incentives automatically for a fair and easier procedure from start to finish. Giveaway.com makes it possible to automate the entire process and launch a successful ecommerce giveaway campaign. By automating the process, you not only save time and ensure accuracy, but you also project a professional image, which increases participants' trust in your campaign.

How to Set Up a Successful E-commerce Giveaway Using Giveaway.com

Giveaway.com is a powerful marketing platform that enables you to run giveaway campaigns to increase user interaction and promote your business. It uses Provably Fair Algorithm technology to ensure that each giveaway's outcomes are fair and transparent.

Giveaway.com boosts your marketing efforts and ensures a successful campaign by combining the power of giveaways with the automated power of AI, which enables you to generate the appropriate giveaway titles, descriptions, and posters for your marketing campaign.

Creating an ecommerce giveaway campaign to create buzz around your brand is simple with Giveaway.com. Sign up and create your project profile, select the giveaway mode, provide the essential details about the giveaway and how to participate, and create your re-engagement giveaway campaign.

Here is a template for how a brand created a successful ecommerce giveaway campaign in which participants were rewarded with a 50% discount for participating in the campaign and completing the tasks.

This e-commerce giveaway rewards participants who completed the tasks with a 50% discount on every purchase from the brand. The tasks for participants to earn the reward are simple:

  • Visit the business website
  • Make a purchase by selecting an offer
  • Share the giveaway with others.

As you see in the image, this is a simple ecommerce giveaway campaign that aims to increase brand awareness by offering the target market a 50% discount on their purchase once they complete the task stated above.

The campaign is a timed draw contest in which the prize can be manually distributed to participants who completed the task.

Easy, right?

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Giveaways can be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses, offering an exciting opportunity to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales. But, like with any approach, proper execution is critical. By being aware of these common mistakes and actively striving to avoid them, you can optimize your campaign for the greatest potential results.