MetaGame $200 USDT Referral Giveaway
MetaGame $200 USDT Referral Giveaway
09/13/2023 06:00 - 09/27/2023 06:00
Participant Requirements
Minimum account age
30 Days
Minimum followers

Let’s help pass out the word of Metagame’s Raffle Competition!

Please help us expand our community and consider joining the game!

Invite a friend to complete all the tasks to get an💰EXTRA half of the reward.

The MORE people you invite, the MORE 💰USDT you get!

✅ Tips: Join a giveaway, invite friends, or send links to different communities, to gain more referrals! 🤩

💰Extra Special Bonus: Participants will be able to post their metagame gameplay videos on YouTube or TikTok.

0/7 Task(s) Completed
Follow on Twitter
0/2 Task(s) Completed
Create a Tweet with Specific Content and @ 1 friend(s) on Twitter
Interact with the following tweets on Twitter
0/2 Task(s) Completed
Website URL
0/1 Task(s) Completed
Collect Wallet Address
0/1 Task(s) Completed
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Timed Draw
All Participants Win
Reward Pool
200 USDT
0.13 USDT
Distribute Method
+0.066 USDT
for each valid invitation
* Invite more friends to get more rewards! *
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