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Win big with a combination of Web2 and Web3 rewards!

Unlock endless possibilities with! Complete tasks and earn an array of rewards, including tokens, NFTs, electronics, trips, and more. Join now and start earning!

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How to Get Started

With just a few clicks, you can access a variety of rewards and benefits. Browse and claim the rewards that interest you the most and start earning now!

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Choose a Giveaway

Take a pick from different entry types or rewards. Free participation and countless joys!

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Complete the Tasks

Access the task page and complete various actions using your fingertips as instructed.

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Receive the Rewards

Receive your earnings with auto-delivery or reward claiming instructions easily.


Various Ways to Earn Rewards

Discover a new kind of giveaway experience with us. We infuse each giveaway with a soulful touch to bring you unexpected surprises.

Unlimited Prizes

Enjoy a unique blend of Web2 and Web3 rewards and win big! There are endless possibilities, from token prizes and NFTs to redeem cards, whitelist and pass cards, electronics, branded gifts, and even a Carnival Cruise.

Infinite Modes

Our tools offer a range of possibilities to engage sponsors and participants, with timed draws that build anticipation, instant draws that deliver immediate excitement, and goal-triggered draws that keep everyone invested.

Provably fair draw

We use a client seed, a server seed, and a nonce to ensure fairness. Transparency is ensured by hashing the server seed before the draw. To make the draw tamper-proof, we use the ETH block hash and server seed.

Thrived Probability

Our referral system would let you invite others to participate, increasing your chances of winning at no extra cost. By sharing the giveaway, you not only help us spread the word but also increase your odds of winning.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How/Where to check my rewards
Go to My rewards at the top navigation of this website, and you will find all rewards that are "Available to claim", "Have been claimed", or "Missed to claim“. There are various claiming methods based on the reward type. To claim a reward, simply click the ”Claim" button, and you will be directed to the claiming page or claiming instructions.
What if I don't receive my rewards or miss claiming them

Check the information provided on the winning page and contact the appropriate party. Delivery times may vary depending on how and where the reward was claimed.

For example:

  • For rewards that require you to provide info before delivery, ensure that all the required details are accurate.
  • If you need to claim rewards on another website, reach out to their customer service for help.

If you need further assistance, you can contact the sponsor using the information on the giveaway page or stay updated with their announcements.

How can I receive the earliest notification once a new event is scheduled or released

Stay updated on the launch of featured giveaways by subscribing to, or follow your favourite sponsors' project profiles to receive notifications from our website as soon as they release a new giveaway.

How can I ensure that the giveaway results are fair and unbiased

Following the drawing of the giveaway, click the icon on the giveaway page: Provably fair draw.

You are able to view all following information which will be used for verifying the fairness by algorithm: ServerSeed, ServerSeed Hash, ClientSeed (Target ETH block hash), Number of Participants, Number of Winners and your PID.

Click Verify to enter the verification page and click Verify again to start verify. The result will be auto-calculated and displayed there and it will show whether your giveaway result matches what you got.

How can I successfully participate a giveaway
  • Log in with your social media account or email first on the giveaway page.
  • Click on the task name, and you will be taken to the task page. Once you've completed the task, return to the giveaway page and click Submit to check the task status.
  • After completing all tasks, it indicates successful participation! Now wait for the draw!

Note: Some giveaways don't have tasks, so you'll automatically participate after login.

Do I have to pay any fees in order to participate and claim my rewards

No, it is totally FREE to participate and receive your rewards. No hidden fees or services fees are charged.